Vidar Sammie van het Hoogveen, born 14. Februari ‘04
24 September ' 14, we have to say goodbye to our faithful friend Sammie

12 february 2014 - 10 years old
Happy “Bear-day” Sammie

A special gift
Teddybär van de Berenstal

A super very personal gift has been us to part, the pedigree of our Teddybär about 10 generations.
What a great surprise and many work that is here! were our first thoughts.
Then it began literally before our eyes. In total, 2046, dogs is at this pedigree.
Many of these dogs are still alive, I can remember others well and I personally met many.
Our thanks go to the author of this unique pedigree, we enjoyed huge.

New photos
of the puppies by Jenna and Teddybär

5.6.2013 - 5 years old
Happy “Bear-day” sweet Teddybär


30.9.2012 Teddybär wins in the Switzerland

At the Club show of SNK for the third time in a row the award of 'Most beautiful dog of SNK'.
It’s Teddybär of his 5th CAC and definitive Swiss Champion.

FCI Centenary Brussel 12 november 2011
World Champion of Champions

Teddybär van de Berenstal

The 893 dogs entered come from not less than 33 countries an belong to 230 different breeds.. The dogs are each by 2 judges and got points in the preliminary competition. 64 Dogs with the highest score went to the final round. Of the FCI Group 2 were 11 dogs. We have not reached the final. Teddybär was the only Brown Newfoundland. At this high competition level en taking part in de FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions is already an honor and distinction for all participants. 100 years of FCI was a very high-quality competition.

Book: The World of Newfoundlands in 2010 and 2011

Teddybär wins in Switserland

Teddybär wins 2010 in the final classification the annual cups
- NNFC BEKER for the best Newfoundlands (BOS)
- Sunrise trophy for the best Brown Newfoundlands

20.03.2011 Teddybär at the "Dog of the year" Show in Amersfoort (NL)

Christmas International Dog show 13.12.10 in Wijchen - an exhibition full of surprises
At the international Christmas Dog show in Wijchen/NL we experienced Monday 13th. Together with Teddybär a fantastic and successful day. Teddybär in the individual assessment presented himself well, the smooth floor did not bother him. The judge Mrs W. van Deijl placed him in the open class 1e place. End Teddybär became best male, CAC/CACIB and best of breed- BOB . 46 Points it connected for the Top dog classification of the NNFC were enough for the NNFC BEKER best dog and Sunrise Trophy for best Brown Dog in the show year 2010. A great performance!
In the FCI 2 competition: After judge Mr P. Rooseboom had again assessed all five in trot and stand, he directed Teddybär for a great 3e place - BIG 3! A fantastic moment. Laughing we put up the present photographers and the judge looked forward with us.

November 27th 2010: The "Winner" in Amsterdam - a day to never forget!

The males were judged by Mr John Wauben and Teddybär won the open class. With this V 1 we came on to decide best male, while 3 males of the Berenstal stood kennel in the ring that had won their class. For the breeder of Brigitte Mienis a probably very special moment. Decided in favour of Teddybär the judge pointed it number 1. Thus the very coveted winner title was a fact 2010 for Teddybär! A fantastic performance, but it stayed at this title. He got the CAC / CACIB awarded and that meant, the missing points to the Dutch champion and International champion. A triple of title! Something you can dream of only very carefully, but not more than that. The Crown of the day awarded the BOB - best of breed - the judge also to Teddybär. What a day!

Teddybär is only 29 months old and in the ring my great friend it makes me not always easily by his power, still youthful capers. But we have more and more become a team with each exhibition. The critics are right when they think it might even better; I see this as a challenge for the future. We have been this year Teddybär and I with pleasure on different stages of show and I think with much success. We have participated in 19 exhibitions and each time it was placed. 12 Exhibitions won its class with excellent 1. For International exhibitions he won the CAC - CACIB and was BOB. In October he was Club winner of the Swiss Newfoundland Club and Vice-Bundessieger in Dortmund. He was BIG 3 at the international exhibition in Gießen and was honorary podium place take very much occupied FCI Group 2. Two National Club shows in Arnhem and S-Hertogenbosch he gave it to the BIG 4 (4e best in show) and club match winner (BIG = Best in show). Teddy bear is different this year in 5 countries assessed by 17 different judges. 8 Judges come from Holland and 9 from 7 different countries worldwide. Thus the international champion title has to consider a special value for us the Teddybär is still so young. Delivers a great performance of our young males which worthy of its name and carefully in the footsteps of his grandfather Captain Moritz. We love this big bears in turn a dream in Brown!

Burgdorf/CH - October 10th 2010 – 85 Years SNKK

24.10.2010 Teddybär wins in Utrecht (NL)

Teddybär is at an international show The Utrecht best male and wins the CAC/CACIB and BOB.

Teddybär winner Clubmatch of the SNK-Swiss Newfoundlander Club
and the Captain’s Trophy fot the best brown Newfoundland

Teddybär 29.5.2010 wins in Giessen (GER)

Teddybär wint on the International show, best male and winner CAC and his 3rd CACIB and BOB.
In the Erering, there are only 3 seats to be forgiven in the heavily occupied FCI Group II.
The All-round judge Hans van den Berg on an excellent continued Teddybär BIG 3.
Given the young age we are here very happy and pride.

Flanders Dogshow in Gent (B)

At 21 months Teddybär wins his second CACIB and becomes BOB of 61 Newfoundlands

Teddybär performes as best male at the international show in Hannover
and wins his first CAC / CABIB at 17 months old.

Teddybär van de Berenstal

On september 26th, Teddybär has won his 4th Junior Champions title, and so completed his quartet.
At seven shows in three countries, subjected by seven different judges from six different countries he has revieved an excellent achievement.

Dutch Junior Champion
German Junior Champion DNK Klub
German Junior Champion VDH
Champion des Jeunes de Luxembourg

Amputation of vibrissae

Vibrissae are spezial hairs, usually longer and stiffer than other hairs in a dog’s face.
The follicles which these hairs emerge are rich in nerves and are surrounded by a sinus filled with blood, the so-called blood sinus. Touching the vibrissae causes them to bend, the blood emplifies the movement the dog is now able to realize.
Vibrissae enable the dog / animal to orientate himself in the dark, function as sensory organs that predate their role in protection from injuries, accidents ...
Vibrissae should not be pulled or cut.

Visiting Newfoundlanddog-shows I once watched exhibitors cutting their dog’s vibrissae.
First I considered it to be an incident not expecting it could become worse / absurd. But I was wrong:
Recently I went around an exhibition area / a show-ring and I saw that the removal of vibrissae had turned out to be cosmetic standard.
Professionals among the exhibitors now have found a new sphere of activity using their scissors in vibrissal amputation.
The so-called vision of beauty enables the exhibitors to give their dogs a trendy expression as well as their vibrissae now will be cut. This does not make any sense to me, it is absurd, unbelievable and incredible. We should take this sort of amputation seriously.
Is it a new trend which has already been created?
If so, hopefully the judge will excuse those dogs whose vibrissae have been trimmed and will give a chance to dogs whose sensoric organs are intact.

The first idea to name our new homepage differently did not stand a chance at all.
Since 2002 our homepage has been associated with that dog, that helped the Brown Newfoundland to become world-famous: Our Captain-Moritz Berenbont.

The definition of time should be the basis of our homepage:
Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow
Captain-Moritz helps you to see the past again, Sammie and Teddybär are a synonym for today and tomorrow.


The Newfoundland kennel Van het Hoogveen has been founded on 22 July 1968 and celebrated its 40 years anniversary in 2008.
It is a solid reason to congratulate the founder of the kennel Van het Hoogveen, Mr. Stoffer Mulderij, as well as Mr. Ype Hof and his daughter Mrs. Mia Koning-Hof, who continued to breed Newfoundlands with the affix since 1991. Years of knowledge and experience have been invested to preserve a healthy and typical Newfoundland, while always keeping the bear like type as basis in their breeding program.

The kennel anniversary has not remained unnoticed. In the book “The World of Newfoundlands, edition 2006 and 2007, a column has been dedicated to Van het Hoogveen – Newfoundlands with nobility.

Captain's Trophy

Because our Newfoundland Captain Moritz at the Club show 2000 in Thun /CH was honoured to be the best male and because he was also the first brown Newfoundland entering the history of the SNLK. Moreover Captain Moritz Berenbont is the first brown Worldchampion in the history.

We would like too present you a continuing memory on Moritz and all the brown Newfoundlands.

The Challenge Captain's Trophy is honoured to the SNLK on 29 September ’02 by the founders of this trophy.

Captain Moritz ' daughter wins the Captain's Trophy

Captain Moritz' daughter Full Moon (Luna) the End of the Line won the Captain's Trophy for the best brown Newfoundland dog. Luna was also the best bitch and got CAC.
Her owner is the Dutch breeder Brigitte Mienis.
It was a great moment when Mrs. Bruno , the judge, Captain Moritz and I entered the ring to give the trophy to a very happy Mrs. Mienis.
Father and daughter 's round of honour earned an enthousiastic applause from all the people around the ring.
This was not the only success in Switzerland. Sir Olivier Bommel van de Berenstal, bred by Brigitte Mienis and owned by Renate and Jos van Doorn, completed the Dutch success: for him there was also CAC and BOB!
Breeders and owners:

My congratulations!!!!!

Moritz and Luna with the Captain’s Trophy

Active training at Aquadog Nederland

Aquadog Nederland

Hydrotherapy centre for dogs

Canine hydrotherapy is a swimming/ motion therapy allowing the dog freedom of limb movement. The therapy is specifically aimed at increasing muscle volume and tone, thereby restoring atrophied muscle and stabilizing joints.

Thus, extremely suited to aid in recovery from surgery or illness, problems arising during growth or reduced mobility in older dogs.
It is a very safe and effective method of physical recovery and can also serve as relief for, among others, arthritis, HD, ED, Hernia etc.

Canine hydrotherapy takes place in water with a constant temperature of 34 C, thereby inducing optimal blood and oxygen supply to the muscles.

In the pool the dog swims “on the spot”, thereby enabling the most correct and uniform movement. After several sessions (in the beginning 2 to 3 times per week) the muscle tone improves. Then by means of jet streams “counter current” (= resistance) is applied, whereby an optimal result can be achieved.
Just consider: 6 minutes swimming equals walking 8 km.

Aquadog Nederland provides a unique opportunity to achieve a better and quicker healing process in dogs.

Our bears gangway

There are many reasons to think of using a gangway at your car for getting on and off. Both our bears are pleased to take a ride in the car and easily get on and off.

A couple of years ago, because of an injury, we got the idea off designing a platform for Moritz to walk into the car instead of jumping in. When we look back on it it’s been a real “invention”. As Moritz got older we have seen more and more advantages of our “bears gangway”.

Sammie, as a puppy, walked after Moritz into the car like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Both our dogs know no better, than their gangway is set-up for them before getting into the car.

The gangway can easily be folded in, the weight is as low as possible, takes minimal space inside the car and all facilities are made to store it properly inside the car.

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