'Sir' Captain Moritz         19th March 2007         12 years old

Summer 2006 - Moritz 11,5 years old

Newfoundland Calendar Affixe Editions
The pictures are taken by photographer Francois Nicaise (B) May 2006 – Moritz is 11 years old.

Calendar edition 2007

Calendar edition 2009

Calendar edition 2009

march 19th 2006 - Captain Moritz 11 years old

Dear Moritz - Congratulations
Your 11th birthday is the perfect time
To say I’m glad, you’re a the best friend of mine.

My home is my castle

My home is my castle

october 2005

october 2005
A nice day in the dunes, october 05

A nice day in the dunes, october 2005

Father and sun

19 maart 2005 - Captain Moritz 10 jaar

On the Cover of ”Unser Bär” 04/05 with titel:
Ein schöner Brauner aus den Niederlanden


Captain Moritz at Terschelling – Far away you see the Brandaris, a famous Dutch lighthouse.

We prefer to be one week in early summer at Terschelling (one of the Friesian Islands). It is a wonderful island to visit for a holiday with our 'bear' Terschelling means walking and walking and walking. Terschelling also means space, tranquillity, beaches and a very special countryside. There are many well-marked trails, varying and unusual.

Moritz 11 years old – his last visit to Terschelling

Moritz 11 years old – his last visit to Terschelling

Holiday Swiss on the mountain Niessen (2400 M) with view on the Thuner Sea

Burg ruïne 'Die Gleichen' in Thüringen / GER

Like this I can see the ruïne better

Walking at the Hunnebedden in Drenthe

Holiday at the Fehmarn island 2003

Fehmarn island's lighthouse Flügge

Holiday at the Atternsee in Austria

Three generation brown Berenbont Newfoundlands
- Mother Cha-Cha van Beerkestein
Son Captain Moritz Berenbont
- Granddaughter D. Dame Berenbont

Moritz, just 10 weeks, onjoying his daily brush.

Moritz 11 months old and very curious about everything

Captain Moritz, 7 years old

Animal lovers

Moritz, training in the water in his own district

Moritz the mascot of the 'mardi gras' band, named 'Mothers finest'

Captain Moritz, the day after a show

Winter in the Thueringer Wald.

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