Welcome to the website of Captain Moritz.

For us Captain Moritz is our once-in-a-lifetime dog.

The Captain has abandoned his ship on May 27, 2007 at 13:25 hours +++

On his way towards the harbour of his 13th year, full of safe journeys, on Sunday 27 May 2007, close after noon, very unexpectedly, Captain Moritz encountered a heavy storm. The storm broke his strong will to sail any further.
The day started quietly with the Captain’s breakfast, followed by the usual stroll in the park, satisfied and pleased with just being, enjoying his life as he always did. Nothing that morning pointed towards the events that occurred a few hours later, necessitating Captain Moritz to oblige us to follow his directions to help him to go ashore.

Captain Moritz was granted to live the unique lifespan of more than 12 years. Years that we lived and shared intensely. With “our Captain Moritz”, a Newf pure as a Newf can be, we felt ourselves to be privileged and happy people. Twelve special years of his, and of our lives, we were allowed to share, enjoying each other’s company every single day.

In 2004, when his son Sammie came to live with us, Moritz took care of the education of his son, as only a Captain is able to do, together they were a team in harmony.

We look back at the life of Moritz as if we are reading a beautiful and fantastic book. One chapter followed by even more fascinating chapters, many beautiful photos, unforgettable moments and stories which tell us about the intense love and trust between a human being and a dog.

The daily walks

Holidays and outings at locations throughout Europe

Our Moritz has lived his life in nobility until the very last day.
He showed to be a personality, radiating a unique glow, noticed by nearly everybody.
His powerful, beautiful, imposing head made him known around the world.

De wereldtitel 2002
Moment suprême

Dear Moritz, thank you for your unconditional friendship for so many years…

Renate and Wim van Gestel and Sammie

A Time to Say Good-bye
By Jude Forése

There are thoughts and then there are thoughts

There are worlds to create and episodes to re-establish
There are moments when realized

Relinquish all deception to the powers of truth
Truth touched by a beam, flickering like a distant lighthouse

Leading the way to tomorrow

There are dreams to invent and stars to embrace

Fires to feed and wonders to manage

There is hope and anticipation, filling the soul
With awe and mystery, with the will to endure

There is a window , one can peer out from
To see the world for what it really stands for

And a golden ladder , to climb upon
When the lead of life is much too heavy
And the activity surrounding you, much too trite

There is a place so few will wander and so many resist knowing

And yes, there is a time to leave

And say good-bye...

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