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Dear Moritz

Our great show time came to an end.
We finished with 87 shows, judged by 58 different judges. They came from 23 different countries.
You harvested many, many compliments. The most remarkable were Swiss and English. The Swiss judge finished her report with the following words: an honourable, majestic creature, the English suggested to knight him :It should be ‘Sir’ Captain Moritz.
Moritz , you are and you will continue to be a star.

The best moment to stop!
A big hug, Wim, Renate and Sammie

Open Air Newfoundlander show
Schloss Ricklingen / D
3 and 4 september 2005

The judges arrive:

Mrs. I.Y. Onstenk Schenk
Mr. F. Schweizer

Best senior

In two days, the judges inspected a summon of 181 Newfoundland’s, among which 29 seniors.

Both days a senior person parade had been accompanied by the music of
"The entry of the gladiator’s."

'Show master' Norbert Dohmeyer presented each senior separately to the public.
A particular gesture which was appreciated by the participants and public a lot.

What did both jugdes think of me...??

Short summary of the judgement

A very typical male of 10.5 years - excellent condition - very nice typical head - Well placed ears, strong square muzzle with very good tight lips - wide skull.
Strong bone and very good angulations in front with deep chest - good top line and tail.
Very friendly typical temperament - has a good summer coat - excellently show condition - very good movement for his age - with wide steps - has not any problems with atrophy in the muscles.

Concisely - I am very vital.


1st place

Clubmatch NNFC march 20 2005

Excellent 1 res. CAC Best of Class veterans

Winner Perryhow Trophy

Lovely 10 year old boy, full of quality, excellent bone,
Lovely gentle expression, in lovely condition coatwise,
Lovely free moving, a credit to his owner.
Excellent 1 res. CAC

Captain Moritz Berenbont with judge Mrs. L. Sussams /GB

1997 Winner of the Sunrise Trofee
2000 SNLK Clubmatch best BOS and winner of the Wanderpokal
2005 Clubmatch NNFC Winner Perryhow Trophy and res. CAC
2005 Senior Champion D.N.K.
Ch. Captain Moritz Berenbont
WW '02 / W'02 / Int / NL / Lux. / Dt. VDH Champion

Highlights of Moritz's show career from 1996 to 2002.
Date Result Judge
10-08-'96 CACIB Maastricht Youth class Exc. 1 K. Brönnecke (D)
22-12-'96 CACIB Wijchen Open class Exc. 1 I. Onstenk – Schenk (NL)
16-03-'97 Clubmatch NNFC Young dog. class Exc. 2 G. Broekkkamp (NL)
12-04-'97 CACIB Roosendaal Open class Exc. 2 P. v. Montfort (NL)
11-10-'97 CACIB Den Haag Open class Exc. 1
H. Versteeg (NL)
07-12-'97 Winner Amsterdam Open class Exc. 2 P. Roosenboom (B)
27-09-'98 CACIB Luxemburg Open class Exc. 1 CACL W. Koch (CH)
25-10-'98 CACIB Hannover Open class Exc. 1
K. Brönnecke (D)

CACIB Luxemburg

Open class Exc. 1 CACL
Lux. Champion
E. Prunier (F)
28-11-'99 Winner Amsterdam Champions class Exc. 1 res. CAC-CACIB E. Tan (Fin.)
12-12-'99 Dogachtigen
Den Bosch
Champions class Exc. 2 R. v. Hoenakker (B)
19-12-'99 CACIB Wijchen Champions class Exc. 1 CAC-CACIB/BOB
NL. Champion
I. Onstenk-Schenk
20-02-'00 CACIB Basel Champions class Exc. 1 res. CAC-CACIB B. Metraux (CH)
26-03-'00 CAC Haiger-Allendorf Champions class Exc. 2 res. CAC S. Büttner (CH)
30-04-'00 CACIB Colmar (F) Champions class Exc. 1 res. CAC CACIB
Int. Champion
Riviere (F)
11-06-'00 CAC Magdeburg (D) Champions class Exc. 1
VDH Anw.
J. Janda (Cz)
09-09-'00 CACIB Leipzig Champions class Exc. 1
CAC-CACIB Dt. VDH Champion
W. Schicker (D)
17-09-'00 CAC Wietzen (D) Champions class Exc. 1
Eriksson (S)
01-10-'00 Clubmatch SNLK (CH) Champions class Exc. 1 CAC + beste reu E. Bruno (I)
19-05-'01 CACIB St. Gallen (CH) Champions class Exc. 2 B.Metraux (CH)
04-07-2002 Worldwinner Amsterdam Champions class Exc. 1 CAC-
CACIB + BOB ! Worldwinner !
J. van Velzen (NL)

Captain Moritz in the news paper

A dog's job

AMSTERDAM - At long last we have a Dutch World Champion, again. The chocolate coloured Newfoundland Captain Moritz Berenbont left all his competitors behind and is now judged to be the most beautiful Newf in de whole world.
After de prize distribution the cuddly bear stretched his wonderful body for a little nap. Berenbont got used to attention, it was the fourth time he was a big winner! The World Winner contest will end tomorrow night.
Origin: De Telegraaf 6 July 2002

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