26th augustus 2007

DNK Baunatal (GER)

Hr. B. Metraux (CH)

Excellent 4

3,5 years old dog. Good size and bone. Pleasing head whit correct eyes. Scissors bite with two dropped incisors.
Excellent depth of chest, but must develop more width.
Well angulated in front and rear. Moves freely with drive and forward reach.
Tip Top coat condition. Good breed-representative.

November 12th, 2006

Clubmatch BNFC Putte (B)

Mr. P. Roosenboom / B


2.5 years, black, big and powerful, good overall picture, strong masculine head with very strong muzzle, 2 dropped incisors, small ears lying close to the head, dark eyes, good neck, straight back, good angulations, behind sufficient, heavy boned, round catfoot, deep wide chest, very beautiful size and substance, flat coat, good tail, steady movement with drive and good reach.

28 november 2006

CACIB Utrecht

Mrs. C. van Dooren (NL)

V 3

Black male, 2,5 years, nice body, proportions and Topline. Yong masculine head, well placed ear and eyes. Good bite – 2 tooth level, nice body, good forechest, correct bone, correct angulation’s fore and near, good tail set, nice foots. Nice movement, a little narrow behind.

01 april 2006

CACIB Leiden / NL

Mw. W. van Deijl / NL


Two years old sound male, excellent coat en texture. Nice masculine head, good stop, good breath and depth Of muzzle. Dark eyes en excellent pigmentation. Good ear, complete bite.
Excellent ribs and bone, good croup and tail. Correct angulations in front and good in rear. A bid more broader.
A little bit narrow behind, good moving.

Young Dogs Class

12 february 2006

Rheinberg / D

Mw. Frau Karin Butenhoff-Taufertshöfer / D

Excellent 1

Two years old, typical, sound male; masculine head, complete scissor bite, dark brown eyes, small triangle ears; angulation allover excellent, chest very well developed; straight, strong and fitting bones; movement is free and easy without any faults, some close behind; tail carriage excellent, gentle temperament, coat and texture excellent.

17 december 2005

Wijchen / NL

Mrs. J. van Velzen / NL

Ex 1

22 months, strong young male with good proportions, correct bone. Very good coat.
Frendly masculine head with excellent expression. Good eye, ears and bite.
Very good movement, a little bit narrow behind.

december 3 2005

Winner Amsterdam / NL

Mw. C. van Dooren / NL

Exc. 1

21 months, goed body and proportions. Head must mature al little. Good eye, ears and bite.
Good front in width and depth. Best of bone. Well angulated, true in front and rear.
Nice topline. Not in his best coat today.
Good tailset and length. Moves well with sufficient drive, but a little close behind.

17 september 2005

CACIB Maastricht / NL

Mr. Rony Doedijns / NL

Excellent 1

Male of very nice type. Very nice proportions in length and height. For age correct bone and substance nicely shaped masculine head. Nicely placed and shaped.
Dark eye, correct pigmentation. Small spot on the lips is not pigmented. Very typical expression. Top line needs to get a bit stronger and more level.
Needs to get a bit more broader in front. Correct angulations in front and rear. Very good coat texture. A little bit narrow behind. And I like to see a bit more drive.
Correct presentation and attitude in the ring.

September 04, 2005

Ricklingen / D

Mw. I. Y. Onstenk – Schenk / NL

Excellent 1 Anw. VDH

Nice young male of 18 months. Very nice head with wide skull, well placed ear, nice eyes an expression, good stop, good breadth and depth of mussle, strong boon. I prefer in de future a little more breadth of chest. Veryg good shoulder, very good depth of chest and spring of ribs. Rather well angulated. Very nice coat, friendly temperament.
Very good movement, but back could be a little stronger.

September 03, 2005

Ricklingen / D

Mr. F. Schweizer / CH

Excellent 1 Anw. VDH

Big male, with excellent bone. The head is very typical in all details and has a nice Expression. Excellent topline and very good chest for his age. The angulation in shoulder could be a little bit more. Correct front. The hindquarter is very well angulated. Strong feet. Friendly and pleasant temperament. Excellent drive, but a little narrow. Excellent handled.


May 29, 2005

CACIB Berghem / NL

Hr. P. Roosenboom / B

Excellent 1

15 months, black. First class quality, medium height, good masculine head.
Dark brown eyes, good bite, well set ears, strong back, good depth of chest.
Correctly built with good angulations. Heavy boned, spring of ribs still has to develop, but sufficient for age. Beautiful coat and very sound. Beautiful movement with drive, narrow behind.

april 24, 2005

CAC Thaleischweiler / D

Mr. R. Doedijns / NL

Excellent 2

14 months, young male, excellent type, very nice head and soft expression. Good bite, correct placed dark eyes. Correct neck, top line needs to get stronger. Typical angulation in front and rear. Needs to get a bit more volume in body. Needs to get a bit firmer in front standing and going. Needs to get a bit more drive in rear action. Very nice coat excellent condition. Very well presented.

april 10, 2005


Mr. H. v.d. Berg / NL

Very Good 2

14 months, lovely dog that still has to mature, excels in nice top line and very nice head with will filled muzzle, beautiful small eye, good ear set, good bite, good fore chest, excellent length of body, good hindquarters, nice coat, shows himself freely, free gaiting that needs to tighten up.

march 20, 2005

Clubmatch NNFC

Mrs. J. van Velzen / NL

Excellent 1

A dog of 13 months, strong young male with good proportions en well balanced. Excellent bone, lovely feet, good tail, coat well groomed, already lovely masculine head with good eye, ear and scissor bite.
Lovely reach in movement, a bit narrow behind.

march 6, 2005

CACIB Zuidlaren / NL

Mrs. J. Cloo de Vries / NL

Excellent 1 Res.CAC

12 month old, nice male; good head en skull, ears well set. Good eyes, stop and lips; complete scissor bite, nice body, good legs and feet; good chest and angulations. Very good top line.
Good reach of the forelegs, a bit narrow behind.

november 14, 2004

CAC Bonefeld / GER

Mrs. Emmy Bruno / I


9 months old, correct bite, good proportions, good head, nice eyes and ears, muzzle could be a bit more blocky, good topline, good bone, good croup, nice tail, good movement, good character and temperament, nice coat.

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