Teddybär van de Berenstal



Our garden is the décor for a Newfoundland party

Winter-wonderland of Teddybär and Sammie

Reunion Merwedieks E-Litter

Oeschinensee (CH) September 2011

The cable car at Kandersteg (Swiss Alps) 1680 m high to Lake Oeschinensee.
The Lake is nestled between the glaciers. An amazing experience but also a challenge for us all was downhill back to the mountain station on foot.

July 2011


Visiting Switzerland - the beautiful Emmental

Around the lake Schwarzsee 1046 m
Sense district of the canton Fribourg.

December 5th 2010 Oisterwijkse Bossen & Vennen
Teddybär 2,5 years old

August 2010
Teddybär 26 months old

Happy Birthday - 5.6.2010 - 2 jaar

Dutch Junior Champion
26.9.09 Maastricht J. Stääv/ S
29.8.09 Rotterdam R. Doedijns/ NL
1.6.09 Arnhem I. Onstenk-Schenk/ NL

German Junior Champion VDH

German Junior ChampionDNK(Klub)
12.9.09 Leipzig E. Tan-Hietalathi/FIN
2.8.09 Bremen J. Franken/D
15.3.09 Offenburg K. Schweizer/CH

Champion des Jeunes de Luxembourg
28.3.09 Luxembourg J. Burrows/UK

For the first time Teddybär entered the Puppy Class at a show held by the KC Waalwijk on 17/01/09.
Judge Jentgen /Luxembourg considered him not only to be excellent 1 but best puppy of his breed as well.
Afterwards he joined the competition “ Best Puppy of the Day”. A great number of competitors out of 5 FCI-Groups took also part there.
In the end the best puppies had to be announced; here Teddybär achieved a fantastic 7th rang out of the best 10.

What's my weight ...

7 months old

Winter in Holland


20:23 19-1-2009

Dülmen 20.9.08.

Together with Sammie and Teddybär we visited the Newfoundlanddog-Show in Dülmen organized by the DNK. The area located to a lake looks fantastic and the wheater was bright as well.

A meeting with friends, the cosy atmosphere, a long weekend and the beautiful landscape made it all worth being there.

Still a puppy Teddybär made his debut in the ring and he deservedly achieved a nice report from the judge. Thirteen puppies took part in the babyclass, Teddybär and his brother Taurus were two of them.

The photographer Jasmin Jacobi (www.jay-shot.de) was at the exhibition as well and took photos from Sammie and Teddybär.

Fun with Sammie in the garden

Fun by the showtraining


Teddybär is a robust, little Newfoundland happy and lovely open minded.
As young as he is, he already has a very charming personality, he shows the typical expression of his breed.
Teddybär is a brown grandson of our Ch Captain Moritz Berenbont, with his own identity, carrying within him the excellent character of his parents Luna and Florian.
Our biggest wish is of course that Teddybär will have a long and healthy and long life and that he will grow up to be a beautiful bear like Newfoundland paying tribute to his name Teddybär!

3 months old

The first 8 weeks of his life he was raised in the kennel Van De Berenstal from Brigitte Mienis and developed during these weeks to a harmonious, unflustered and very well-balanced puppy. Our special thanks to Brigitte, who has given Teddybär this dream start in life.

I like this new home of mine...

Teddybär van de Berenstal

I have packed my bags.

1.8.2008 Wim and Renate come to pick me up. I'm the first to leave the nest.

My life in the Berenstal

8 weeks old
Two Teddybär's say goodbye...

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

2,5 weeks old
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