08 July 2012

Donaueschingen Spezial – DNK / GER

Mr. Friedrich Schweizer / CH

Exzellent Platz 1/ Schönster Rüde / BOB – Best in Show

Anatomically correct built male, type full, excellent format, correct head, exquisite details, complete scissor bite, little cheek, excellent neck body line, topline straight and strong, suitable croup, excellent Thorax, round large powerful paws, well built, very good brown colour, pleasant friendly and territorial behaviour.

Champions Class

30 September 012

SNK Schweizer Klubschau in Burgdorf (CH)

Mrs Ingrid Werhonig (CH)

Excellent1 CAC + winner Wanderpokal schönster Rüde SNK 2012

Teddybär Swiss Champion

4 Years, compact, good size, masculine head, medium brown eye, Scissor, correct form of chest, stand and angulations excellent, uniform brown colour tone, liquid moving, very friendly.

10 June 2012

Internationale Dog Show de Baronie Breda, Hulten / NL

Mr. John Wauben / NL

Exellent 1 CAC/CACIB-BOB

4 Years young Brown Newfoundland with magnificent gender type, prima proportions, dignity and strength. Prima male head in all parts.
Good neck with solid back, well developed body. Prima bone, muscles, fur and ring behaviour.
Well used and worn tail. Excellent movement.


International Dogshow Luxembourg

Mr. Ulf Bräthen / DK

Excellent 1 – CAC-L

Teddybär Champion du Luxembourg

17 March 2012

Internationale Tentoonstelling KV Rijnland / Leiden (NL)

Mr. R. Alferink-Lerche

Excellent 1 R-CACIB

Almost 4-year-old brown dog, sporty appearance, beautiful males head with correct lines. Correct teeth with small elements, good eyes with good colour, good proportions, height / length, excellent bone. Good skin structure and length, excellently maintained. Movement very spirited closely, effortless and easy.

05 Febraury 2012

International Show ‘De Kempen’ Eindhoven / NL

Mr. E. Wieldraaijer / NL

Excellent 1 CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG 3

3 ½ Years Brown dog, excellent dog with a beautiful head, good eyes, good teeth, well carried ears. Beautiful brown colour with fine skin texture. Front and rear correct angulations, perfect tail and tail carriage, Well closed feet, beautiful typical movement..

22 January 2012

Clubmatch KV Waalwijk e.O.

Mr P.Roosenboom / B

Excellent 1 / BOB / BIG 3

3.5 Years, Brown, big and strong. Strong males head with attached ears, dark brown eyes, nice stop.
Strong muzzle, Scissor bite. Strong neck and firmer back of good length, good Angulations.
Excellent strong bone, very beautiful mass, typical coat, calm and confident, very typical free and liquid movement.

11 December 2011

Kassel Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung / GER

Mrs. Isolde Huber / GER

Excellent 1 VDH-Ch-A, CAC/CACIB

Typical male, excellent body and bone, expressive head, brown eyes, correct ears, masculine neck, wide fixed back, correct rod, exquisite breast and angulations, reach movements, brown well-groomed hair, self-confident character..

With this Teddybär Deutscher Champion Klub / DNK

10 December 2011

Kassel Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung / GER

Mrs. Karin Butenhoff / GER

Excellent 1, VDH-Ch-A, CAC

3 ½ Year-old chocolate brown , powered, broad untied, dry bemuskelte typical male, masculine head with completely Scissor bite, medium-brown eyes, correct ears, back is just wide and, movement is enormously high-bone barrels, liquid and free without error, excellent rear, very friendly, very good skin structure.

25 September 2011

Klubschau Schweizer Neufundländerklub (SNK) in Burgdorf

Mr. B. Métraux / CH

Exellent 1 – CAC – best male – BOS + winner ’Schönster Rüde des SNK’

3 Years, strong male, very good size, masculine head, Scissor bite, dry lips
good cut Brown eyes, exquisite ear approach, excellent neck back line, well developed width and depth,
well angled front and rear, movement and gait of the muscular runs very neat light bouncy and spacious,
best kept finishing hair, very well attentive.

18 September 2011

Clubmatch KC s’-Hertogenbosch e.o. (NL)

Mr. Evert Wieldraaier (NL)

Excellent 1 – Best male + BOB + BIG + BIS

3 jaar, uitmuntend rasbeeld met een mooi hoofd, goed oog en goed gebit, mooi gedragen oor en een mooie bruine beharing,
Goed ontwikkeld lichaam met goede hoekingen voor en achter en toont het mooie typische gangwerk.

02 September 2011

FCI Centenary European Dog Show 2011 Leeuwarden (NL)
National CAC-show

Mrs. Willemine van Deyl (BE)

Excellent 1 – Best male / BOS

31 July 2011

Klubschau DNK Burgstädt (GER)

Mrs Evi Grosshauser (GER)

Excellent 2 R-Anw.Dt.VDH-Ch

3-Year-old, worthy representatives of the champion class, very broad skull, strong fishing game, medium-brown eyes, correct scissor bite, broad, powerful neck of sufficient length, wide back and down, well rounded croup, width depth exquisitely shaped, is free on strong runs back enough angulated, moving correctly free and liquid . strong, best kept finishing hair, well presented, testicles oké.

19 June 2011

DNK LG Hessen XXL Baunatal

Mr. Roger Frey (USA)

Excellent 1 / Anw. VDH Ch

3-Year-old, worthy representatives of the champion class, very broad skull, strong fishing game, medium-brown eyes, correct scissor bite, broad, powerful neck of sufficient length, wide back and down, well rounded croup, width depth exquisitely shaped, is free on strong runs back enough angulated, moving correctly free and liquid . strong, best kept finishing hair, well presented, testicles oké.

June 18 2011

Nationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung Erfurt (GER)

Mr. Georg Roth (GER)

Excellent 1 / CAC / BOB

3-year-old type of Brown dog with strong Head, dry lips, nice proportions and Angulations.
Excellent body lines, liquid movement with good reach, nice temperament.

Teddybär German Champion VDH

May 15 2011

Internationale Show Animalia Sankt Gallen (CH)

Mrs. R. Alferink-Lerche

Excellent 1 / CAC / R-CACIB

3 Years, Brown male vigorously, harmoniously built, head with good lines which should have more population under the eyes.
Correct teeth, skull and ear approach. Very nice for brown eyes. Solid built body with uniform angulated front and rear.
Might have something more width suitable bone strength. Very nice hair and structure for this colour. Movement: movement: easily, good drive and reach.

April 16 2011

Antwerp (B)

Mr. J.Schepers

Excellent CAC/CABIB

This makes Teddybär Belgian Champion!!

February 19 2011

Expositions Canines Internationales Fribourg (CH)

Mrs. K. Stalder-Glauser

Excellent 1 / CAC

2.5 Years strong built male with exquisitely manicured dark brown coat, strong male head with brown eyes, correct ear posture, tight scissor bite, excellent neck and topline, well worn tail, testicles oke, exquisite bone, strength to matching type width and depth, very good pigment, Movement with good reach in the coming and going nearly parallel, very quiet and friendly nature, excellent presented.

Open Class

December 19th 2010

Brussels Winner – Dog Show (B)

Mr. J. Williams


December 13th 2010

33 International Show Wijchen (NL)

Mrs W. van Deijl (NL)

Excellent 1 / CAC/CACIB / BOB / BIG 3

2.5 Year old Brown dog, complete scissor bite, beautiful coat and color, excellent body proportions, size and body substance.
Excellent head and skull, beautiful stop, prima full Fang, beautifully placed eyes and form. Proper ear, beautiful neck tight just topline, beautiful body excellent angled rear and front, exquisitely in the State, excellent bone strength and feet. Prima . Movement with good reach, perfect tail.

November 27 2010

International Winner Show Amsterdam (NL)

Mr. John Wauben (NL)

Ex 1 / CAC-CACIB, BOB / Winner 2010

2 years young beautiful brown bear. excellent type sex and breed. Wonderful dogs head. Well formed eye, pigment eye border could better, prima jaw sufficiently powerful. Beautiful neckline. Sufficient hard back. Good body, is correctly vaulted. Front something a little bit narrow. Good angulations in front. enough behind. correct legs, feet, muscle structure, coat and character. correctly worn tail. go for a little loose, but very well behind.

November 7 2010

Bleijswijk (NL)

Hr. J.Stäav (S)

Exellent 3

Masculine head, good bite, very good shoulders, topline and croupe. very good body and ribcage. Nice coat and color.
Moves very well, nice temperament

October 24 2010

International Show De Utrecht (NL)(

M.F.M. Kortleve-Prins

Excellent1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Brown, male 2 years beautiful type, excellent bone, breed typical bear head with excellent eye, ear and mouth. Very nice neck/top line, beautiful Croupe, correct tail, tail length and keep. Chest is oke. Beautiful underline and ribbed Vault. prima angled in front and rear. smooth movement with strong drive .
Goes through the ring lightly and fast , super coat with harsh top coat. nice presentation.

October 17 2010

Dortmund Bundessieger (GER)

Hr. W. Güllix (GER)

Excellent2 CAC-R/ CACIB-R
VDH-R-Anw. DNK-R-Anw.

2-year-old powerful in correct format accumulated male. typical head, eye colour matching the colour of coat, complete scissor bite, harmonic top and underline, powerful developed chest in all details powerful body and bone, correct angulations. With the coming and going very good parallel front and hind quarters. Even harmonic end in the movement with powerful breast engorgement. the coat is illicit and very well cared for. ring temperament is balanced.

October 10 2010

Klubschau SNK (Swiss Newfoundlander Club), Burgdorf (CH)

Mrs K. Schweizer

Excellent 1, CAC, BOB, winner Captain’s Trophy

Male ideal size, correct format, strong bones, correct coat, masculine expressive head with correct details, strong neck of ideal length, Horizontal and broad topline with matching croupe length, beautiful long tail, correct chest and harmonic underline, excellent angulations movement with broad reach and strong thrust. the male is pleasant, friendly and secure. The male is excellent presented.

September 12 2010

Clubmatch KC s’ Hertogenbosch e.o. (NL)

Mrs R. van Veen-Keur (NL)

Excellent 1 BOB+BIG+BIS

2-year-old Brown male, beautiful type, excellent proportions, excellent head, broad skull, powerful muzzle, Scissor bite, beautiful placed eyes and ears, excellent body, strong bone, powerful feet. Correct breast and angulations, beautiful coat, excellent movement.

August 22 2010

Clubmatch KC Dieren e.O. (NL)

Mrs I. Onstenk-Schenk (NL)

Excellent 1 BOB+BIG+BIS4

Beautiful young male of 2 years, excellent type, head with a lot of allure, beautiful broad skull, well-behaved ear, powerful foreface and good teeth.
Nice heavy bone with beautiful feet, beautiful neck/back lines.
angulated as front and rear, beautiful long tail, correct chest and ribs, the movement is liquid and free, handling perfect and beautiful.

June 6 2010

Hulten (NL)

Mr. J. Williams (NL)

Excellent 3

2 Year old excellent male with typical head. Good head, ears, eyes and muzzle. Good breast, good angulations in front, prima ribs and back.
Good tail and good angulations in rear, typical movement


May 29 2010

CACIB Show Giessen (GER)

Mw K. Butenhoff

Excellent 1 CAC-CACIB+BOB+BIG3

23 Months old typical Chocolate - to Havana brown, harmoniously constructed strong male, correct size. Masculine head with complete scissor bite. medium brown, a little open eyes with excellent color fitting to coat color, correctly ears, excellent top line, very good breast. anatomically excellent angulated. standing on even legs with strong bone. the movement is liquid and free, somewhat closely in front. friendly and nice temperament, coat is plain and harsh.

May 2 2010

CAC Niedersachsen Schau DNK Mellendorf (GER)

Willi Güllix (GER)

Excellent 1 Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH

22 Months old, excellent proportions, heavily constructed harmonic male. Strong bone, excellent angulations, expressive head with correct details.
Colour of eyes according to colour of coat. scissors bite, testes oke. Strong neck of correct length, harmonic top and underline, strong chest and very well, standard tail set.
In coming and going parallel in the front and rear. Moves with great drives, harmonic feel with excellent moves combined with balance’s tail.
Hair coat saturated brown color, well maintained. Very well temperament, coherent man-dog relationship ensuring an inventive presentation.

May 1 2010

CAC Niedersachsen Schau DNK Mellendorf (GER)

Wanda Kotik (PL)

Excellent 1 Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH

April 25 2010

CACIB Lingen (GER)

Rony Doedijns (NL)

Excellent 1 Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH

Properly constructed, beautiful brown male; correctly in the bone strength beautifully in the proportions, beautiful masculine head with correct eyes and ears.
Correct in the jaw, very nice top and l underline, typical angulations in front and rear, correct chest and developed.
Very nice coat and color correctly in the movement, friendly nature, very well handled.

April 17 2010

Internationale Show Goes

Dhr P. Roosenboom (B)

Excellent 1

22 months, big and powerful, brown, excellent general appearance.
Masculine head with wide skull, close lying ears , colour of eyes according to colour of coat.
Excellent stop, strong muzzle, scissors bite, excellent neck, firm back, excellent angulations, correct tail set, deep chest, excellent spread of ribs, nice tight feet, excellent coat, movement: easily, good drive and reach.

March 20 2010

Internationale Show Rijnland Leiden (NL)

Mrs M. Kusters (NL)

Excellent 1 res. CAC/ res.CACIB

21 months, large male of nice brown colour, a beer type, complete scissor bite, turn on fine ear with beautiful vaulted skull good stop and jaw, good eye.
Good, beautiful neck-topline, good bone, fine rates, good work under way smoothly but hoeking is today a little playful in the ring.

March 14 2010

Clubmatch NNFC Zutphen (NL)

Mr J. vd. Belt (NL)

Excellent 2

21 months , brown male, excellent type, excellent proportions in body, nice coat. Masculine head , good skull ,ears are well set with good shape. Dark eyes, eyelids could be a little more tight. Complete scissors bite, good expression, lips could be a little more tight. Well balanced body, straight back , good croupe, good bone and feet. Movement with good reach and good drive.

Febraury 28 2010

Internationale Flanders Dog Show Gent (B)

Mrs K. Schweizer (CH)

Excellent 1 CAC-CACIB + BOB

61 Newfoundlands in Gent - Teddybär BOB – excellent!

October 31 2009

International Show Hannover (GER)

Mrs K. Butenhoff (GER)

Excellent 1 CAC/CACIB
VDH-Ch-A and DNK-Ch-A

17 months old, dark brown, big sized, large scaled, broad, typical, sound male. Broad, strong, masculine head with complete scissor bite, a little big and open eyes with excellent color fitting to coat color, correctly set middlesized ears, shoulder some straight, otherwise very well angulated overall, chest very well developed, standing on even legs with enormous bonestructure, movement is free and easy without any fault, a little loose out of elbows, nice temperament, coat is plain and harsh.


November 28 2009

Winner Show Amsterdam

Mr. Steve Hall (GB)

Excellent 2

Large dog, brown, excellent proportions, well up on his toes, full of stature. Proud ear carriage, excellent at proportions, good clean eye, excellent jaw.
Good forehand, good bone, lovely topline, good rear, quarters, good gait in actions but tends to throw up his pasterns in front.

September 26 2009

CACIB Show Maastricht (NL)

Dhr. J. Stääv (S)

Excellent 1

Nice masculine head, good bite, very good in shoulders, good topline, very well angulated, good body and moves very well, nice temperament.

Teddybär Dutch youth champion

September 19 2009

Klubschau DNK Dülmen (GER)

Mr. C. Habig (GER)

Excellent 2 Jgd.Ch.R-Anw. DNK and VDH

Already far developed for the age of 15 months, overall convincing, excellent bones, medium angulations, very nice substance for the age, neck some short, excellent back, strong muscles in the rear and very good drive, today the action in front already regular, masculine head, very good characteristic for the age, good eye, strong bite, broad jaw, superb coat tendency, brown is very nice, excellent condition, excellent relationship to the exhibitor, in movement sometimes the croup seems to be sloping.

September 12 2009

Show Leipzig (GER)

Mrs. Elina Tan – Hietalathi (FIN)

V 1 Anw. Dt.Jgd.Ch VDH and DNK

A nice, young, brown male, good bones, good developed for his age, great head, great size for his age, good angulated, moves as a Newfoundland should do, nice brown color, good tail, very friendly character.

Teddybär German Junior Champion VDH and DNK

April 19 2009

DNK Niedersachsenschau Mellendorf (GER)

Mrs. I. Kroos (GER)

Excellent 4

10 months, large sized brown male, typical masculine head, eyes with well fitted eyelids and for brown acceptable colour, correctly setand carried ears, very good topline and underline, very good angulations in front and rear, appropriate bone versus type. Movement with drive, but still a bit narrow. Coarse, well groomed, chocolate brown coat. Sweet friendly temperament. Very well presented.

April 18 2009

DNK Niedersachsenschau Mellendorf (GER)

Mr. P. van Montfoort (NL)

Very good 3

Brown, 10 months, very good type, good height and body, slightly longer than tall, very good constructed skull with ears well set, stop could be more pronounced and muzzle shorter, complete scissor bite, beautiful expression, dark brown eyes with well fitted eyelids. Strong neck and topline, very good croup, tailset and tailcarriage. Well developed body, straight legs with good bones, still narrow in front, rear sufficiently angulated, very beautiful coat texture, well groomed, very good movement and well presented.

April 28 2009

International Dog Show Luxemburg

Mr. John Burrows (UK)

Excellent 1

Junior Champion of Luxembourg

April 22 2009

Clubmatch NNFC Zutphen (NL)

Miss J. van Velzen (NL)

Excellent 4

9 months nice young brown dog, good substance for age, good body and bone, tight feet, correct tail.
Head with masculine expression, well set ears, scissors bite, eye color oke. Is developing according to his age.
Moves freely with drive and forward reach.
Nice topline and croup

April 15 2009

CACIB Ausstellung Offenburg (GER)

Miss Katharina Schweizer (CH)

Excellent 1 Anw. VDH/DNK-Jgd-Ch-A
Ortenau Jugendsieger

9 months old male, excellent size, strong bones, correct coat, head is correct in all parts, correct contour, excellent angulated, smooth movement with strong drive, kind and friendly temperament.


January 17 2009

Clubmatch KC Waalwijk (NL)

Mr. P. Jentgen (Lux)

Teddybär van de Berenstal excellent 1 but best puppy of his breed. In the end the best puppies of the show Teddybär achieved a fantastic 7th rang out of the best 10.


September 20 2008

DNK Klubschau Dülmen (GER)

Mr. Dr. W. Peper (GER)

Three months old masculine young male, excellent head, correct topline and front, excellent rear, excellent paws and tail. Excellent coat for a puppy, far-reaching movement.

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